Welcome to Oliver Papp photography – creative visual storyteller.

I`m an internationally published photographer and I believe:

“Pictures speak louder than words.”


Photography is an immortalized moment. It is kind of a movement that will never be repeated and which lifts across the work into eternity in its frozenity. It is a subjective thing where free way must be given to the personality.

As I see: I walk around the situation and then either I find a composition or my attention is drawn just by the magic of the very moment and that is how I catch the accurate topic. I have ambition to newish effects to be able to give unique colour and form to my pieces of work. This is my managing principal which makes serious effects on my art projects.

The responsibility and power of the photographer is to save the form from decay which gives  home to mental and psychical essence.


(Egypt, Canada, USA, Mexico, Hungary, Croatia, Czeck Republic, Austria, France, Great Britan the homeless).


(Fashion-shows, stylists, models, designers, make-up masters, hairdressers , advertisements).


(Ballet, opera, theatre, reproduction, architecture, nature, sculptures).

 EVENTS (Organizations, films, celebrities, weddings, festivals)

 MY ART PRODUCTS (in details)

T H E  W O R L D  A N D   W H A T   I S   I N V O L V E D

(Egypt, Canada, the USA, Mexico, Hungary, Croatia, Czeck Republic, Austria,The homeless).


Kairo: The Museum of Egyiptian Art, The Treasure of Tutanham,

           The City of the Dead, Bazar quarters                                  

Gisa: The Pyramids, The Temples of the Dead, Sphinx.

Sakkara: The steps pyramids of Pharao Josher

Luxor: The Temple of Luxor

Karnak: The Great Aman-Temple, The Way of the Sphinx and Ram.

The Necropholis of Theba: The City of the Dead, The Valley of the Kings

Medinet Habu: The Memnon Colossus

Deir-elBahari: The Temple of Queen Hatsepsut

Esna: The Temple of Hnum

Edfu. The Temple of Horus

Kom Ombo: The Chapel of Hathor, The Temple of Kom Ombo, etc.


CN Tower, Toronto.


Detroit-Orlando; Florida


Cancun, Chichen Itza, X-Caret







The Homeless:

Joe Dawn and the others

T H E   A R T   O F   F A S H I O N

(Fashion – shows, Stylists – Josh, models, designers, make – up masters, advertisements)


GIVENCHY-HOT (promotion)

Tamas Naray: Operagala (promotion)

Tamas Naray: YBL PALACE (promotion)

Byblos: fashion – show (promotion)

DIESEL: fashion – show Canada – Toronto (promotion)

!Cheon Hyung-Seo: (promotion) Canada – Toronto, Academy of Merchandise & Design

Shengmi-Kim: (promotion) Canada -Toronto Academy of Merchandise & Design

Joori Park: (promotion) Canada -Toronto, Academy of Merchandise & Design

Shigenobu Kawanishi: (promotion) Canada – Toronto, Academy of Merchandise & Design

May E. Kan: (promotion) Canada – Toronto, Academy of Merchandise & Design

DIM: underwears

AZTEK: jewelry-show

SIXVILL: fashion-show (promotion)

VASSEVA: (promotion)

Nagy Orsolya: fashion-show (promotion)

FLUDIO: fashion-show (promotion) Canada-Toronto

M. LISKA: (fur collection, promotion)

Women four times: (promotion)

Carneval 100.: The desiners of the University of Arts and Crafts (promotion), Art Gallery

STYLIST – JOSH: Urban Chiken’s, Model Casting Night (VIVA), The Youths of March, Champions of Fashion.




Tamas Naray (promotion), Fludio Mimmo Baronello (promotion) Toronto Canada

Cheon Hyung-Seo (promotion) Toronto Canada, Academy of Merchandis & Design

Shengmi-Kim (promotion) Toronto Canada, Academy of Merchandis & Design

Joori Park (promotion) Toronto Canada, Academy of Merchandis & Design

Shigenobu Kawanishi (promotion) Toronto Canada, Academy of Merchandis & Design

May E. Kan (promotion) Toronto Canada, Academy of Merchandis & Design

VASSEVA (promotion)

Marton Rozsa (promotion)

Vegso Gizella (promotion)

Nagy Orsolya (promotion)

Pastell Studio (promotion, advertisements)

Bucsuhazy Piroska (promotion)

Teigesser Magdolna (promotion)

Kolyvek Antonia (promotion)

Foris Barbara (promotion)

Csergo Noemi (promotion)

Bela Barna (promotion) Toronto Canada.


The Hungarian make-up master of New York, Maybelliene: Oscar Larion

Rana (promotion) Toronto Canada

Rita (promotion) Toronto Canada

Anil (promotion) Toronto Canada

Gero Anna (promotion) Budapest, Hungary


Szonja Ziegler: The star hairdresser of the show in 2001

Patrick Cameron, London. Hair show-Wella

Viola Dora

Szabados Iren


Hungarian Shoe Corporation Trade Ltd.

Linci, home-textile

Barbro Designer

Holt Renfrew (trade illustration) Toronto, Canada


Films,celebrities,festivals, Halloween, etc.


PSI FACTOR – Ron Oliver – Director

I Spy. – Andy Vajna Producer


Eddie Murphy (actor)

Ron Oliver (director)

Jason Lee (singer)

Niky Wire (singer)

Lead (singer)

Susan Sarandon (actress)

Denzel Washington (actor)

Natalie Portman (actress)

Wes Cramen (director)

Nancy Anne Sakovich (actress)

Joanne Vannicola (actress)

Owen Wilson (actor)

Bill Blass (desinger), etc.

Kate Moss (English model)

Macy Gray (Singer-songwriter)

Jocelyn Brown (American R&B and dance music singer)

Liev Schreiber (American actor, director, screenwriter, and producer)

Deborah Kara Unger (Actress)

Justin Timberlake (Singer-songwriter)


Street Festival Toronto, Canada, 1998, 1999.

Film Festival Toronto, Canada 1999

Dragon Festival Toronto, Canada 2000

Japanese Cultural Festival- Hungarian State Opera House – 24/08/2002

Pride + Gay entertainment- Toronto Canada 1998. 1999. 2000.

Pride + Gay entertainment- London Unitd Kingdom 2010.

Budapest Parade 2000. 2001

Halloween Toronto, Canada, 1999, etc.

T H E    H O U S E   O F   A R T S

(ballet, opera, theatre, reproduction, architecture, nature, sculptures)


The Lake of the Swans

The Taming of the Shrew




The Wonderful Tangerine

The Tragedy of Humanity




(Jr. Zoltan Nagy, Katalin Hagai, Katalin Wolf, Eva Lencses, Levente Bajari,

 Csaba Solti, Bela Balogh, Tibor Kováts,Gyorgy Szakály, Tamas Solymosi, Popova Aleszja)

World Stars of the Opera – National Ballet Gala – Budapest, 2001.

Zelenszkij Igor. Kirov Balett; New York City Ballet.

Zaharova Szvetlana. Kirov Ballet.

Malahov Vlagyimir. Wiener Staatsoper; American Ballet Theatre.

Ílendvai Yseult. Stuttgarter Ballet.

Conn Robert. Stuttgarter Ballet; New York City Ballet.

Kwon Hyuk-Ku. Universal Ballet, Seoul.

Kim Seh-Yun, Universal Ballet, Seoul.

Popova Aleszja, Hungarian National Ballet.

Álvarez Galina. National Ballet of Cuba.

Torrado Del Pueblo Oskar. National Ballet of Cuba.

Mihajlovszkij Male Ballet, Saint-Petersburg (Mihajlovszkij Valerij, Lukovszkij Szergej, Szrokin Alekszandr, Jermolenkov Andrej


The Grand Dance of Death


Woman of the Town

Leonce & Léna

C’est la Guerre



Romeo & Juliette



(Janos Bandi,Gyula Bodrogi, Lilla Gizella Borcsok, Tamas Daroczi, Tunde Franko, Peter Fried, Veronika  Fekete, Ferenc Gerdesits, Jose Cura, Zoltan Kerenyi, Ingri Kertesi, Balazs Kovalik, Annamaria Kovacs,Oscar Larion, Gyozo Leblanc, Antal Pataki, Erzsebet Pelle, Balazs Poka, Istvan Rozsos, Roumen Chteronov, Istvan Roka, Ilona Tokody, Kazmer Sarkany,Csaba Otvos, Maria Zempleni, Gabor Vaghelyi, Andrea Ulbrich,Bernadett Wiedemann), etc.


‘Think of me Gladly’- a performance by mentally handicapped youths at Baltazar Theatre.


Greg Angus. Painter artist (cathalogue)

Kertesz Zsuzsanna Painter artist (cathalogue)

Larion Oscar Graphic and Painter artist (representative issues):

-Free will, -Blue Ambition, -Absolut Spring, -Prince of Passion,

Kocka Istvan . Painter artist (promotion)

Horompoli Nora Painter artist (promotion)

Somogyi Endre graphic artist (promotion)

Pepe Maya


Saint Stephen’s Cathedral (Promotion)

M Y  P U B L I C A T I O N S

Sunday Morning: (Press illustration)

Wedding Magazine (promotion)

The Canadian Hungary: Dragon festival (press illustration) Toronto, Canada

Menora (press illustration) Toronto, Canada

Boomerang: Thotmes, the third. Parrot (postcard)

Oscar Larion. (representative issues):

 -Free will, -Blue Ambition, -Absolut Spring, -Prince of Passion

Bela Barna (cathalogue) Toronto, Canada

Red Spot Lounge & bar (programme poster) Toronto, Canada

Zelda’s Restaurant (promotion)Toronto, Canada

A forthnight’s colourful TV-programme: Fashion and Beauty (illustration)

Magazine Portal (cover) 12/2001

Modi – The Paper of the Hungarian Fashion Designers (cover)  03/2003.

Freee Magazine (fashion, riport)

This is Fashion (illustration)

The Trader (promotion)

Life of the Opera: Sulamit (picture riport)

Zsollye: Szulamit (picture riport)

Wedding Magazine (Hungarian)

Pastell Studio (promotion)

Convention Budapest Classic: Kertesi Ingrid, Balogh Jozsef, Panczel Eva, (Cover Photo & posters)

My pictures taken at The Dragon Festival are placed at the archive of the City Hall of Toronto with the personal acknowledgement and suggestion of  Mayor Mel Lastman.

R  E  F  E  R  E  N  C  E  S

Marta Moszczenska (Ambassador of CANADA)

Yvon Turcotte (Counsellor)

Nancy Goodman Brinken (Ambassador of USA)

Jose Luis Martinez (Ambassador of MEXICO)

The artists and directors of the Hungarian State Opera House

Saint Stephen’s Cathedral, The Guard of the Holy Right: Father Geza Szabo

Mel Lastman (the Mayor of Toronto)

The Cultural Committee of the Metropolitan Autonomy: Erzseber Geberle

The director of the Operetta Theatre: Gabor Miklos Kerenyi

Oscar Larion The Hungarian make-up master of Maybelline, New York

Tamas Naray (fashion designer)

Kati Baricz (the phographer of soul and fashion)

Convention Budapest Classic (producer: Bagdi Karoly)

SPQR Warm Up KFT Ferrari & Maserati: Marco Liello

M  Y     E  X  H  I  B  I  T  I  O  N  S

31/07-08/2003 Hotel Radisson Sas ‘BLUE’

18/09-12/2002- Balletshoes- ‘BALLET’

14/09/2002 World Stars at the Opera, X. National Ballet Gala:


5-20/09/2002- The Danube Palace ‘NORTH’

6-31/05/2002 Canadian Spring Festival:

3rd North American Days, Pécs. Official Opening Ceremony


(The openers of the ceremony: the Ambassador of Canada, the USA and Mexico, furthermore the Mayor of Pécs City and the Rector of PSE)

28/02-02/03/2002- 2nd Fashion Days of Budapest

National Branch Exhibition ‘FASHION’

18/12/2001-18/01/2001 ‘MOTIONLESS JOURNEY’ at Fashion Miro Café

2001- Hungarian Fashion Days ‘FASHION INSPIRATIONS’

03/2001 – MAFOSZ ‘THE GIFT OF THE RIVER NILE’ at the assembly of the Hungarian Cultural Institution

03-04/2000 ‘EGYIPT’ Toronto, Canada, IX. Below

03-04/1999 at the Erkel Theatre: ‘FREE WILL’

As I see: reproductions, which create different dimensions.